1. easeljs

###1. easeljs 结构类图:


  • Matrix2D: transformation matrix
  • DisplayProps: used for caculatin adencapsulating display related properties
  • SpriteSheet: A sprite sheet is a series of images (usually animation frames) combined into a larger image (or images).
  • Graphics: exposes an easy to use API for generating vector drawing instructions and drawing them to a specified context.
  • DisplayObject: abstract class
  • Container: a nestable display list that allows you to work with compound display elements
  • Stage: the root level container
  • Bitmap: represents an Image, Canvas, or Video in the display list
  • Sprite: [SpriteSheet] Displays a frame or sequence of frames (ie. an animation) from a SpriteSheet instance
  • Shape: [Graphics] A Shape allows you to display vector art in the display list
  • Text:
  • BitmapText: [SpriteSheet] Displays text using bitmap glyphs defined in a sprite sheet
  • MovieClip: The MovieClip class associates a TweenJS Timeline with an EaselJS container
  • SpriteSheetUtils: a collection of static methods for working with SpriteSheet
  • SpriteSheetBuilder:
  • DomElement: The SpriteSheetBuilder allows you to generate SpriteSheet instances at run time from any display object
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